• The time off manager.
    Human Resources for modern companies!

  • Spend less time managing time off

  • All-in-one: Recruitments, Appraisal, Expenses, Leaves, Attendances, etc.

  • No more paperwork on leave management

  • Set-up once, and enjoy

Time off Manager Just like you imagined.

Say goodbye to tedious leave management with HELPFORDESK.com ’s Time off, flexible and affordable time-off tracking for your small to medium-sized business, Easy-to-use company leave management solution!

Submit a Leave.
Employees enter their requests (paid time off, sick leave, etc).
Managers decide to either approve or refuse time off requests.
You are ready.
Notification is sent to the employee and their calendar is updated automatically.

Successfully manage
your employees

Centralize all your HR information.

Oversee all important information for each department at a glance. Restrict visibility of sensitive information to just HR managers, or make other information public for all employees to see such as employee directory. Receive alerts for any new leave requests, allocation requests, applications, appraisals, and more.

We are GDPR compliant

Helpfordesk.com makes privacy and security a priority and we fully comply with EU-wide privacy and data protection law.






What we offer for you

Automate time-off management

No more manual calculations or spreadsheets with Time-Off’s automated accruals, policy changes, and balance renewals, plus the option to automate approvals. Spend less time thinking about time off.

Time-off transparency

Employees can access their balances at any time plus a shared company calendar provides a snapshot of upcoming time off. Sync with Apple, Outlook, or Google calendars.


In multi-country organisations, distributed teams can use the application in their native languages. Helpfordesk interface is available in English, German, Polish, French and Spanish.


Attach medical certificates and other required documents to absence requests. Managers and HR department have immediate access to all data in one place.

Designed to fit your business

Create highly customizable time-off types and policies that reflect your organization’s unique needs. We accommodate all types of policies, including accrual, upfront, and unlimited.

Data at your fingertips

Over 25 customizable reports provide valuable insights into payroll, banked time, time off use, and more. Export to CSV or PDF to easily share information across teams.

Cloud-based HR

Cloud-based means that you don’t need your own server infrastructure and IT department to adopt it to your company. It is easily scalable – depends on company size, you can contact us anytime for assistance. Just sign up and make your HR easier.

History requests

Cloud-based means that you don’t need your own server infrastructure and IT department to adopt it to your company. It is easily scalable – depends on company size, you can contact us anytime for assistance. Just sign up and make your HR easier.

Free yourself from the cycle of emails, spreadsheets, and paper calendars.

We give you the tools for time- off transparency:

employees can access their balances anytime,

requests are sent and approved with the click of a button,

and important renewals and calculations are automated.

Fits into your company’s workflow

What is Time Off Manager?

HelpforDesk Time off Manager is a user friendly and highly scalable employee leave management solution. We created a web-based module connected to the core HelpforDesk system to be as easy-to-use and intuitive as possible.

This module is available in HelpforDesk Store and you can add it to your system anytime. Start using a great HR leave management application in a matter of minutes.


Leave Summary Dashboard

A perfect leave summary for every employee. You can easily forget the paperwork and simply summarize every employee’s leave on HelpforDesk Time Off manager dashboard. You HR department can control the leaves in the system and manage the whole company in a centralized and user-friendly way.

Your employees can make leave request for any kind of built-in or custom leave type. Also the leave approval system can be used in addition with our automated workflows.

Submit Leave easily

You can submit a leave yourself. It’s super-easy and very intuitive. Choose your leave type, select the proper dates and save it. That’s right, you are ready.

After it you can manage you leave requests and track your own leave approvals, history and more. You can cancel your leave request before its due date, or attach any requested documents related to your leave. This can be a sick leave approval, business trip ticket, hotel invoice etc.

Your custom notifications

We have built custom e-mail notification templates, so Time-Off Manager can fit into your existing company environment. You can set up email notifications for Approved and Declined feedback mails and also you can remind Approvers to make a decision with another template. This is awesome!

Your company’s schedule

Working schedule may differ in every company. You can set up yours easily with simple ON/OFF switches on a beautiful web interface. Oh, your departments or employees may work in different schedules? Don’t worry, you can set-up individual workdays for each employee if you wish.

Simple complexity

You want to add HR options to an employee? You want an employee to have auto-approved leaves? Nothing is impossible. We believe that complex options and setups can be shown in a simple clean interface. Just like our user settings. Set up anything easily.

Attendance Sheet

No need to write separated sheets for employee attendance. Time-off Manager can track the attendance and will generate an automatic sheet which you can approve and print for signing. Simplify your workflow and save time.


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