Task Management by HelpforDesk

Our most powerful ticketing, SLA and reporting solution for your company

Complicated work sorted and organized simply

With HelpforDesk Task Management module you can use massive ticketing solution with all integrated features, like SLA, Reporting, Task Tracking, User management and much more. You can use a free version of the module right after the registration and extend it’s capabilities using our Addon Store.

Simple and powerful Web User Interface, Custom appearance and so much more. Start today.

Easy way to report an issue

As it was designed by people who have to use a ticketing system every day, HelpforDesk Task Management was built to keep efficiency in the focus. Submit a request is super easy. You can do it by using a template, email, QuickTask, Classic form or even QR codes. How? It’s easy.. we have a module for that.

Massive SLA control functions

Stay in control of every event with individual SLA rules for “everything”. Give it a try, you will understand.

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