Helpfordesk Data capture on Cloud enables the capture, recognition, and classification of business documents. Quickly and accurately extracts and validates information from those documents for use by business users and in applications. Helpfordesk supports multichannel capture by processing documents on scanners, mobile devices, multifunction peripherals, email, fax and digital files streams.

Multi-channel capture, scan, fax, email, MFPs and mobile
Built in OCR and ICR recognition engines
Cognitive capture to automate processing-complex, unknown format or highly variable-documents
Classification engine to automatically classify document types
Rules based engine with extensible and reusable rulesets
Supports export to many targets systems for exporting documents
Full support for capture from mobile devices
Support for capture from digital files such as PDF, Office
Multi language support
Scalable architecture that supports centralised and distributed capture


Capture content from multiple channels and provide consistent processing
Can support centralised or distributed capture as well as mobile
Provide high levels of automation in classifying documents and data-extraction
Integration with line of business systems for data validation
Full audit and reporting capabilities
Support for multiple document types and multiple languages
Provide high levels of automation with high levels of data-accuracy