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Users support

Can be used for 6 months from registration.

A module is a function extension for HelpforDesk. For example your administrator can add document archive and workflow extension or a Time-Off Management software extension to your HelpforDesk.

We have built-in skins but you can contact us directly for a custom web design for HelpforDesk.

We also provide thinking for the individual system for our potential and existing customers. Although our records management systems can be maximally tailored to the needs of the organization, developments based on individual specifications can also be implemented, so that thematic document prices, workflows and integrations can be implemented in the document management system that meet the organization’s expectations.

Good software alone is not enough. Your records management system will be the main helper of your organization if the supplier and the later operation are accompanied by expert support from the supplier. We choose document management software for the long term, so it is essential to choose the right partner.

Following the live handover of the helpfordesk workspace system, our customer service team will take over our customer support, where individual support requests (troubleshooting, announcements, service requests, custom enhancements) will be handled by experts in the given topic.

In order to provide the right expertise for all incoming requests and problem solving, instead of a single salesperson, we have a separate specialist for each task and process. A separate team of professionals deals with implementation, data migration, customer support and custom developments.

Helpfordesk Workspace system online training at Helpfordesk

The purpose of the online training is to provide users with important information, information, and legal background related to software management in the Helpfordesk workspace. Everything you absolutely need to use the system effectively. The advantage of our modern web interface is that it is available anywhere, anytime, even 24 hours a day, so it is much better adapted to the rhythm and needs of users. The acquisition of study materials is aided and colored by videos, software simulations, tests, thus facilitating learning. The training ends with an exam: after completing the successful online training, we issue a diploma to the users.

A convenient and cost-effective solution for our existing customers is to use e-learning education, for example, when new colleagues arrive and train. The course, which masters the functions of the program, is extremely quickly accessible and completed, so the new colleague can quickly pick up the rhythm of the institution and become a full member of the records management software in a short time.

Technical support

You can Register a HelpforDesk account for free at website.
No credit card or any payment information is needed. Start for free within minutes and you can extend your HelpforDesk functions later in the Helpfordesk Module Store.

You can use HelpforDesk for free for 6 month. Anyway there are limitations like storage and cpu memory user licence.

This is the best part of HelpforDesk. NO REQUIREMENTS at all! Start for free and build your customized system by purchasing Modules, Agent and Client access licences. If you need only one function of many, pay only for that one. Isn’t it great?.

Yes. For example if you need a Time-Off Manager or only Document Archiving solution for your company, add it in the Module Store, choose the proper amount of access Licences and you are ready to go. You will have a free core system and admin settings extended with a great Time-Off Management solution for your company.

Yes, we support two-factor authentication using Email access codes and Google login API solutions. Also SMS authentication is in development and will be added later this year.

We implemented an e-mail sender subsystem that can be configured via a simple yet powerful web interface. You can use your own SMTP server settings to send notifications to your staff. Also this Mail sender works globally and can be used for any added extension module of your personal HelpforDesk solution.

We have a massive backup solution, so you don’t need to do it manually. Also we have built a unique Backup module configurable by the Agent users so everyone can make backups of their own HelpforDesk instance.




Yes, you can export your data from HelpforDesk. This function is available for Owners only.

We provide a user import feature for corporations. Please contact and we can help you to match database structure for import procedures.

In the free version we provide unlimited client access licences and one elevated user per module. After your first extension purchase you will have to buy CAL (Client Access Licence) access for every user you have.

In User Management add a user by filling out the user form. You can add users with any kind of email address until it’s unique in the system.

You can add as many Agent (admin) users as you wish.

We created HelpforDesk as the most modular web-based support software. Build it as you wish, just add modules from the Module Store and enjoy your customized support product.

Please make sure that you have set up the notifications and email sender configuration in Admin settings.

Yes, as it’s fully web-based, HelpforDesk requires no installation. Register and start in minutes. Please note that we recommend the most modern browsers to use the software. (Chrome, Firefox, EDGE)

Please use “I forgot my password” option on the login screen. If you have troubles resetting your password, please contact us at email address.

You can control the access of users to the Module you need, also turn off auto-renewal of the app and it will expire automatically and becomes deactivated for you.

Due to strict regulations you cannot delete a user, instead we have an archiving procedure which will anonymize the user but all connected tickets and history will be available for the rest of the colleagues.

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