Bulk scanning and digitizing

Scan and digitize large volumes of paper documents

Scan and digitize ad hoc, retrospective, newly created and incoming paper documents, contracts, forms, and invoices for easy accessibility and flexibility.

Scanning and digitizing features and functions

Digitizing Centers

Many digitization centers across Europe, including Hungary, offer a variety of services, from on-demand and occasional scanning to full archives and continuous incoming documents digitization.

Qrcode and barcode markup

For efficient and accurate bulk scanning, documents are barcoded, making it clear to the scanning system how each page is connected and the documents separation.

Digital & amp; Physical archive

Optional storage of scanned documents is provided by a digital storage device that can only be accessed by authorized users. On request, paper documents are stored in a physical archive.

Custom Integration Options

The digital archive can be easily and conveniently integrated with other existing and newly introduced tools, such as contract management, workflow management, and other enterprise systems and databases, e.g. .: SAP, Microsoft Dynamics, Oracle, etc. This can further increase the efficiency and reliability of your processes.

Data recognition and classification

Teachable OCR and intelligent processing systems allow you to easily retrieve the most important data in your documents, even in a fully automated way, and automatically classify and format your documents. All of this is done with our proprietary product.

Authenticated Scanning

We enable digital document authentication that complies with the rules required by EIDAS. Authenticated documents are time-stamped and digitally signed with PKI encryption.



Centralized storage and convenient access to documents.


Easy access, efficient data extraction and process automation.


Modernize business processes easily and efficiently.


Significant reduction of administrative tasks.