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What Is A Green Company?

Do you want to start a business and
protect the environment at the same time?

These green business ideas help
you do just that.


Green Business Ideas for

Eco-Minded Entrepreneurs

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Advanced security and much more conveniently
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Intuitive and available Helpfordesk Workplace

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Helpfordesk Workplace is a communication tool that connects everyone in your company, even if they’re working remotely.

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Helpfordesk Workplace is the best choice among document management solutions.
It features an intuitive interface that is so easy to use it requires no training.

Modular solution which contains: Document Archiving, Contract management, TimeoffManagement and much more.

Enjoy a brand new dimension of customer support with our software solutions.

Real-time result

Measure your customers’ satisfaction and the efficiency of your support team in real-time.

Get instant feedback

Sometimes it is just easier to talk. Keep in constant touch with your clients and extend your service using the built-in chat and the remote assistant.

Always up-to-date

You always get the most up-to-date product using HelpforDesk support solutions. We offer a super-easy task management without any installation.

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Fully Web-based

Access our tools from any computer – no downloads or set up necessary.

Real target

Focus your attention on real issues and get more satisfied clients. Manage and optimize your work more efficiently.


HelpforDesk is 100% mobile and tablet optimized. We work hard to make the best user experience ever.

Helpfordesk Workplace will solve all of your document management needs.
Modular solution which contains: Document Archiving, Contract management, TimeoffManagement and much more

Enhance your workflow with our modular cloud services.

Use all of our prodacts for 1 year with 1GB limit for free and build it for your own needs.

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eDoc Document Management System (DMS)

HelpforDesk eDoc is a robust Document Archiving System for your company. We built it to be so modular, that you can use eDOC’s massive database and core for accessing and searching your documents, filing and archiving everything while the files can be stored online in a secure and reliable environment.

  • Cloud-based DMS solution
  • Full Audit Trail Reporting
  • Custom Approval Workflows
  • In-Browser Document Preview
  • Batch Uploads
  • 500 Users for free
  • Free for 365 days
  • Built-in OCR (Optical Character Recognition)
Helpfodesk online document archive

TimeOff Leave Manager System

Helpfodesk timeoffmanager

HelpforDesk Time-Off Manager is a user friendly and highly scalable employee leave management solution. We created a web-based module connected to the core HelpforDesk system to be as easy-to-use and intuitive as possible.

This module is available in HelpforDesk Store and you can add it to your system anytime. Start using a great HR leave management application in a matter of minutes.

Focus on real issues and client and partners support.

  • Long testing

    No 30 days trial, use it for a year for free.

  • Smart

    Intuitive, needs no manual and looks great on any device

  • Helpdesk software

    You can support your clients

  • TimeOff management

    Full TimeOff manager as module

  • Document Management

    Manage and search your documents everywhere

  • Flexible pricing

    Pay for what you’re using

A beautiful experience for everyone. This is HelpforDesk.

We believe that great design will help to reach great efficiency. That’s why we designed every small part of our software to be beautiful

Responsive Web Design
Document Management
Cloud bases

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Helpfordesk Cloud Platform Global

Worldwide service

We serve clients worldwide. Our goal is to help every small-medium and large sized businesses with customer service. We believe in your possibilities.

Helpfordesk Cloud Platform Efficient and easy

Efficient and easy

HelpforDesk helps you to organize your tasks and make your work more efficient and faster. We work to provide the best support possible in all walks of company life.

Helpfordesk Cloud Platform Be our partner

Be our partner

We are here to support your business. You can be our reseller anytime. Help your customers and use the best ticketing system even in your own domain.

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