eDOC Archiving system for your Documents

A massive searchable archiving solution for every sent and recieved documents in your company

Use eDOC for searching and organizing and store your documents wherever you want

HelpforDesk eDoc is a robust Document Archiving System for your company. We built it to be so modular, that you can use eDOC’s massive database and core for accessing and searching your documents, filing and archiving everything while the files can be stored even on your server.

With our solution you can simply add a storage path to eDoc and that’s it. Archive and track your documents easily.


Robust Search Engine

With HelpforDesk eDOC you can search thousands of documents within seconds. With tons of meta-data added during the import process you can search for anything and find it easily.

Settings designed for you

You can set up everything you need in eDOC. Parameters designed to serve each request. A truly maxed-out filing system which fits your company needs.

User Access Control

Manage user access to eDOC module individually for each user. If you need a user with read-only right, no worries. Everything is customizable.

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