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HelpforDesk DMS Responsive Document Management System

Use eDOC for searching and organizing and store your documents online.

HelpforDesk eDoc is a robust Document Archiving System for your company. We built it to be so modular, that you can use eDOC’s massive database and core for accessing and searching your documents, filing and archiving everything while the files can be stored online in a secure and reliable environment.

With our solution you can simply add a storage path to eDoc and that’s it. Archive and track your documents easily.

  • Cloud-based DMS solution
  • Full Audit Trail Reporting
  • Custom Approval Workflows
  • In-Browser Document Preview
  • Batch Uploads
  • 500 Users for free
  • Free for 365 days
  • Built-in OCR (Optical Image Recognition)
eDoc DMS Archiving system. Document Management


Robust Search Engine
Standard for document management

With HelpforDesk eDOC you can search thousands of documents within seconds. With tons of meta-data added during the import process you can search for anything and find it easily. Start typing a word in any field and the automated search engine will show you all the possible results. You don’t need to guess anything. With this solution we could decrease the time spent on typing dramatically and also we have eliminated typo errors which often made you to search again and to start over the whole procedure. What we offer is Centralized Document Storage, Limited Access with rights control, Tracking changes, Document version control, Document expiration and much more.

We have built-in OCR technology. Now you can search in the content of your scanned document from search engine and even in your saved PDF document.


Related documents

Just like you imagined. Search for a document and open a relations view to see what relations your document have. If you ever wondered how to find a Contract related to an invoice, that’s the way. Document relations can help you to get the best search result so you can work with your documents in a more efficient way.

It’s fast, user-friendly, made for humans and one of the most useful featured a document management can have.

Settings designed for you

You can set up everything you need in eDOC. Parameters designed to serve each request. A really maxed-out filing system which fits your company needs. You can add you own project companies or projects within a company, every partner you have with huge meta-data for even better search.

Create address groups, manage access rights, set up labels and label style and much more. HelpforDesk eDoc is so powerful that you have to check it by yourself.

User Access Control

Manage user access to eDOC module individually for each user. If you need a user with read-only right, no worries. Everything is customizable. Add a user to HelpforDesk, that select that user to access eDoc only with the rights you allow. With this solution you can be alway in control and make sure that only those colleagues can access your documents who are allowed to do it.

HelpforDesk eDoc is an easy-to-use cross-platform web-based document management system.

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