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Our company has 15 years of experience in Information Technology. Our latest project, the creation of HelpforDesk is intended to help companies, departments and it’s not for geeks only. We are proud to introduce HelpforDesk system to you. Our goal is to help every small, medium or large company with customer service and its improvement. Why not give yourself a chance?

Work on any device you prefer: HelpforDesk will be compatible with it.

Helpdesk Team

Address: Népfürdő u. 17/f.
Country/City: Hungary, Budapest
ZIP Code: 1138
Phone: +3670-626-5382 |

Meet the Team

We made our dreams come true

Zsolt Szabo

Zsolt Szabo

CEO, Developer, Founder

Zsolt started working in the IT sector 15 years ago. He had a dream about a product that could change our view on IT softwares and bring us closer to each other.

Ferenc Mudrijan

Ferenc Mudrijan

Designer and CoFounder

Ferenc joined the team when the development of Helpfordesk started 5 years ago. The design and creation of a really simple and efficient user interface is the most important task for us.